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Friday, November 24, 2006

What happened to Black Friday?

Stores have turned Black Friday into all of these early bird sales. It seems that they want to get more money, because the holidays are coming up. But if they do that, what will be fun about Black Friday? I think they should just leave Black Friday to being all blackish. But I think there should be an end to all of these early bird sales. Just leave Black Friday to what it is, and wait until December.


Saturday, November 18, 2006

1 vs. 2

As Ohio State faces off against Michigan today to decide the Big Ten title, a spot in the National Championship Game and who is number one, as the game looms, here are some ugly comments about some players.

Ted Ginn, Jr. couldn't even get to the end zone if he tried. He needs GPS. Good thing, too, because he'll fall down after receiving the kick.

Troy Smith couldn't even throw a centimeter. He needs a pair of binoculars. Why he's in the Heisman race, I have no idea.

I'll be real shocked if Maurice Clarett comes into the game. I thought he was in the NFL, but I guess he's in jail.

I've decided not to rip Michigan. Go Blue!