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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Pay Day

To all of us who remember my dad and his picks, I will do one pick tonight, here it is;

Dallas 56, Vikes 0

Here is a funny talk;

1 . '' Hey, ya here about the Vikes, they beat da bums''
2.'' Let's put 9 guys in the box and use Romo.''

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Buy or Sell - Joe Torre

I'm sorry for the title - I must have watched too much "Around the Horn" and think that I'm an 11 year old Woody Paige. Anyway, let's talk about Joe Torre. Buy or sell?

I'm saying sell, because he gets paid like $10M per year to deliver World Series titles, but he hasn't had one since 2000. I think that Steinbrenner should just get rid of this guy, or better yet, Torre should retire while he still can. And, by the way, just to make a sense of time, the last time the Yankees reigned on top of the baseball world, Bill Clinton was still president, terrorists hadn't bombed the World Trade Center and none of these family blogs even existed. In fact, Maria didn't even know how to walk yet. And if you want Maria's point of view, check out her blog -

If you want my dad's point of view, for some of you hardened readers who listened to him guest blog on my last entry, visit