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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends

I honestly don't know why I just came up with that title - must have seen a Dr. Pepper commercial recently. Well, obviously, in the Comedy Central division, the dashing, young and beautiful Cubs take on the ugly, old, and stinky Brewers. I honestly think that the Brewers are complete fools and I wonder why Ned Yost even bothers managing.

Some of these guys couldn't even make a five year old's t-ball team! So I bet Prince Fielder could beg for a job in a diner, getting one cent a hour. He would be overpaid at that rate.

Second of all, I think that Ned Yost should be sitting at home, watching "The Office" on DVD, seasons 1, 2 and 3. It would be better than trying to manage a ball club of crying two-year olds who aren't even toilet trained.

I think that Bill Hall should be sitting around watching Britney Spears get arrested for the 4,000th time, rather than trying to play on a team filled with incompetents.

Now, to the Cubs. The dashing, young and some would say hot Alfonso Soriano is so much better than Prince Fielder, even if Prince Fielder used steroids. By the looks of Prince Fielder, it looks like he's using Purina Horse Chow instead, though.

Carlos Zambrano is so much better than Ben Sheets that he would definitely help the Brewers win the World Series if he were on the Brewers' pitching staff. Zambrano has one key advantage - he actually pitches, unlike Sheets, who ends up on the disabled list every time the wind changes direction. He's on the DL as often as Britney Spears gets divorced.

So, come back next time to the ranting that never ends. Now, for an opposing viewpoint, meet my guest blogger, my dad, also known as Mr. Dilettante.


Where to begin, Ben? Some good rips - I'll give you that much. But you might want to consider something else. Stubborn things called facts.

First, the Brewers aren't old at all; in fact, they are one of the youngest teams in baseball; only the eternally rebuilding Tampa Bay Devil Rays are younger. And their players are talented, despite your uncharitable reading of their market value. This young Brewers team compares favorably, talent wise, to the glory years "Harvey's Wallbangers" squads of the early 80s. They don't have anyone who has established himself as a future Hall of Famer, but there's potential galore at every position.

The problem, which seems eternal in Milwaukee, has been the inconsistent pitching. You are right about Sheets, I think - he's fragile to the point of being unreliable. I like what little I've seen of Yovani Gallardo, but the rest of the starting staff is problematic. They need at least one more mid-level starter next season.

They may win it yet - while the Cubs have the advantage now, the Brewers are still in it. But in the long term, I sure like the Brewers' chances. They look like they have the makings of the best team in the National League, and potentially for a while. That is if the ownership is willing to spend the money to keep the team together. If Ryan Braun is playing 3rd base for the Red Sox in 2011, you'll know the answer to that question.