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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Rodgers v. Fav-ray: Who is better?

I'm here today to underscore some comparisons between Aaron "A-Rodg" Rodgers and Brett "Brent" Fav-ray since Week 1 of 2008. I am a Packer fan and I think that Fav-ray was the best player I saw on a regular basis. A-Rodg is a solid Quarterback who can be very good. Here are some stats I retrived from about '08.

Rodgers completed 63.6% of his passes for 4,038 yards and threw for 28 touchdowns and rushed for 4 extra scores, and was picked 13 times. These are good numbers,as anyone can see.

Farve completed 65.7% of his passes for 3,472 yards and scored 23 total times and was picked 22 times. Not bad,but high pick numbers as you can see.

The differnce is not very much, but Rodgers has a slight edge. Let's show the records for the season.

Jets: 9-7
Packers: 6-10

Okay, so what happened here? Rodgers has the slight edge but there was a 4 game swing? Let's compare games in 08 and we might get somewhere. that will come in the next part of the comparuisn