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Friday, March 05, 2010

I live for this!

Hey, it's baseball season! I'm ready to talk 'bout some thoughts on some things to keep an eye out for. I think that the Twins are going to do some good things this year, after they added Orlando ( Keith Smart) Hudson at 2nd and J.J ( Dean Garret) Hardy. Joe Mauer might do his best Bobby Thompson act which will cause a Russ Hodges moment. One thing that I want to harp on is the issue of drugs. Mr D. wants to reduce the numbers by 20-30 percent. I have a different idea, though. I advocate wiping all rigged homers dropped from the record books. Barry Bonds may have a head the size of a bowling ball, but he is not the greatest slugger of all time. That title belongs to Babe Ruth. I can hear Hank Aaron coming to get me now. I don't think that the New York Mongols will repeat. The champs this year will be the Bo-Sox over the Phils in 6.


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