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Monday, February 01, 2010

Back,Back,Back Here!

Hey guys, I'm back after a self -imposed break to get my stuff in order. I am here to talk about some non-sports stuff today. As you know people are donating money to help Haiti clean up after the big earthquake. Go to the hyperlink and help donate money. On a lighter side I've been into a fun little show called Liberty's Kids. It is an animated show about the founding of our nation. Some of the charaters are not real, but there is a lot of truth. I'll pull a couple episodes that I like and let's see where it goes. The first one is in NYC where Washington manages to escape a Redcoat trap. Next, the year is 1777 and Messers Gates and Bourgoyne battle at Saratoga and Bendict (Brett Farve) Arnold school the Brunswickers (inside joke). Enjoy!