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Saturday, July 12, 2008

C.C. with the Brew Crew?

Well, these men may have a shot at the playoffs. Last time the Brewers were in the playoffs they were in the AL, there was no interleauge play, County Stadium was still up and so was the Kingdome. Japanese players were not allowed in the majors and Ned Yost was the backup catcher and he had a much easier job than Prince Fielder who wasn't even born. They lost in seven games and the won 1 game 10-0 and that sucked. Right now there are races of people dresses up as meat and cha-cha bowls. The Brewers are being stupid with closers and have a guy who has a good start and blows it up. Then you bring in a sucky roid user who sucks. Stay tuned for part 2.