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Saturday, September 02, 2006

College Football season opens

As the college football season opens this weekend, there is a question that people around the country are asking. Who is going to win the national title? While I think Notre Dame has a chance, Ohio State is also in the running because they were the pre-season No. 1. We're all also wondering how the replacements will do for Matt Leinart, Reggie Bush and Vince Young. I also think that every team is going to play hard this weekend.

Anyway, so let's be outrageous for a minute. Here's some really outrageous ideas that I have (with a little help from my mean ol' Dad)

  1. Brady Quinn can't even throw a football one inch. Good thing too, because if he could, it would be intercepted.
  2. Ted Ginn Jr. can only run 1 mile per hour. If he can even get that far.
  3. We know who the real power is in college football. Macalester. Just watch those Scots!
  4. Then there's Macalester's opponent next week - Principia College. Wow, that one should be a classic, huh?


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